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Narasingha Badri

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Relevance and History

The existing temple of Narasimha (Narasingh) at Joshimath is also called as Narasingh Badri or Narasimha Badri, is closely linked to the Bhavishya Badri legend, even though usually it is regarded as not one of the famous Panch Badri or Sapta Badri. Sometimes, it may be included in the Sapta-Badri list instead of Ardha-Badri or Panch-Badri list instead of Dhyan Badri.

The chief image of Narasimha is made out of the Shaligram stone, in the eighth century during the reign of king Lalitaditya Yukta Pida of Kashmir. Some believe the image is self-manifested (swayambhu). The image is 10 inches (25 cm) high and depicts the god sitting in the lotus position.

It is believed that one arm of the image is getting emaciated with time and finally fall off. When the arm disappears, the main shrine of Badrinath will be closed to the world and Lord Badrinath will shift to Bhavishya Badri shrine. With this cataclysmic event, Kali yuga will end ushering in the Satya yuga. Then the Badrinath shrine would get re-established. When the chief Badrinath shrine is closed in winter, the priests of Badrinath shift to this temple and continue their worship to Badrinath here. Along with the central Narasimha image, the temple also has an image of Badrinath.

Best Time to Visit

May to October is the ideal time for one to visit.

How to Reach

By Road

Joshimath lies on national highway NH58 that connects Delhi with Badrinath and Mana Pass in Uttarakhand near Indo-Tibet border. Therefore all the buses and vehicles that carry pilgrims from New Delhi to Badrinath via Haridwar and Rishikesh in pilgrim season of summer months pass through Joshimath. Rishikesh is the major starting point for road journey to Joshimath. Regular buses operate from Rishikesh bus station to Joshimath. The road distance from Rishikesh to Joshimath is 251 km via Rudraprayag and Chamoli.

By Train

Rishikesh railway station is the nearest railhead 251 Km from Joshimath. Taxi or jeeps are available to Joshimath from Rishikesh railway station.

By Air

Jolly Grant airport Dehradun is the nearest airport 293 Km from Joshimath through Rishikesh. Tourists find taxi or jeep to Joshimath from Jolly Grant airport.

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