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Kagbhusandi Tal

admin 08:29:am Apr 20 2019

Relevance and History

Set in the lap of Hathi Parvat (6730 mtr), the Kagbhusandi Tal lies at an altitude of 5,230 mtr near Kankul Pass and is almost a Kilometre in length. The waters of the oblong lake are emerald green and innumerable blossoms decorate its banks during the season. Two huge rocks on a spur of Hathi Parvat are described as a crow (Kaga) and an Eagle (Garuda). The locals believe that the crow is animatedly conversing with Garuda on the affairs of the universe. Another version has it that a learned Brahmin of Ayodhya once incurred the wrath of the sage Lomas who lived here and was changed into a crow by the sage. Also another legend has it that all crows dies at Kagbhusandi lake to attain Moksha. There are numerous other mystic stories about here that makes Kagbhusandi lake trek even more fascinating.

Best Time to Visit

July to September is the ideal time for one to visit the tal.

How to Reach

By Road

Motorable road connects Kagbhusandi tal upto Vishnuprayag. One can go treking to Kagbhusandi tal from Govindghat. From here it is 32 Km trekking and is a 3 day trek.

By Train

Rishikesh railway station is the nearest railhead 265 Km from Kagbhusandi. Taxi or jeeps are available to Vishnuprayag from Rishikesh railway station.

By Air

Jolly Grant airport Dehradun is the nearest airport 285 Km from Kagbhusandi through Rishikesh. Tourists find taxi or jeep to Vishnuprayag from Jolly Grant airport.

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