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Folk Dances

admin 08:29:am Apr 20 2019

Living in the mountains mostly in places that are not easily accessible , the people of the district have been able to preserve their culture, folklore, folksongs and folk dances.

Folk dances, a distinctive feature of the district, being seasonal, traditional and religious. Some of the better known folk dances being described below:

Thadiya:- Accompanied by a song, is performed on Basant Panchami, the festival celebrating the advent of Spring.

Mela:- Performed on Deepawali.

Pandava:- Performed during the winter after the harvesting of the crop and depicts the principal events of the Mahabharata.

Jeetu Bhagdawal and Jagar or Ghariyali:- These dances enact mythological stories, the participants, both men and women, put on their traditional colorful dress and dance to the tune of drums and Ransinghas.

Chanchari:- Another dance performed during the fairs and accompanied by a song. In this both men and women participate.

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