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Fact Sheet of Chamoli Garhwal

admin 08:29:am Apr 20 2019

Fact Sheet - Census

  • State:Uttarakhand
  • Famous For:Hill Stations,Piligramage
  • Languages:Garhwali & Hindi
  • Weather:Pleasant in Summer, chilly in winter
  • Altitude:1293 Mtr.
  • STD Code:01372
  • No. of Households:88964
  • Total Population:193991
  • Total Males:88964
  • Total Females:197614
  • Literacy Rate:72%
  • Male Literacy Rate:80%
  • Female Literacy Rate:63%
  • Working Male:48%
  • Working Female:44%

Fact Sheet - Rural Area

  • No. of Households:74318
  • Total Population:332209
  • Total Males:160369
  • Total Females:171840
  • Population 0-6 Age group:45217
  • Male 0-6 Age group:23813
  • Female 0-6 Age group:21404
  • Literacy Rate:70%
  • Male Literacy Rate:79%
  • Female Literacy Rate:61%
  • Working Population:47.5%
  • Working Male:47%
  • Working Female:48%

Fact Sheet - Urban Area

  • No. of Households:14646
  • Total Population:59396
  • Total Males:33622
  • Total Females:25774
  • Population 0-6 Age group:6944
  • Male 0-6 Age group:3796
  • Female 0-6 Age group:3148
  • Literacy Rate:81%
  • Male Literacy Rate:85%
  • Female Literacy Rate:76%
  • Working Population:39%
  • Working Male:54%
  • Working Female:20%

Mythological Significance

Today's Garhwal was known as kedar-khand in the past. In puranas kedar-khand was said to be abode of God. It seems from the facts, vedas puranas, Ramayna and Mahabharat that these Hindu scriptures are scripted in kedar-khand. It is believed that God Ganesha wrote the first script of vedas in Vayas gufa situated in the village Mana only four km. from Badrinath. According to Rigveda (1017-19) after Inundation (Jalprlya) Sapt-Rishis saved their lives in the same village Mana.The roots of vedic literature also seems to be originated from Garhwal because the Garhwali language has a lot of words common with Sanskrit. The work place of vedic Rishis are the prominent pilgrim places in Garhwal specially in chamoli like Atrimuni Ashram in Anusuya about 25 km from chamoli town and work place of Kashyap Rishi at Gandhmadan parwat near Badrinath. According to Aadi-Puran, vedvyasa scripted the story of Mahabhrat in Vyas Gufa near Badrinath. Pandukeshwar, a small village situated on the Rishikesh Badrinath high-way from where Badrinath is just 25 km away is regarded as Tapsthali of king Pandu. In Kedar-khand Puran this land is regarded the land of lord Shiva.

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