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Dhauli Ganga

The river Dhauliganga rises from the Niti Pass at about 5070 meters. Its valley lies between the Kamet groups of peaks in the west and Nandadevi group in the east. The Dhauli takes a northern course at Malari. Between Malari and Tapovan, it is almost a narrow gorge with perpendicular cliffs on either side several thousand meters high. The Dhauliganga in its turn is fed by GirthiGanga at Kurkuti and Rishiganga 500 mts. below Reni. It meets Alaknanda at Vishnuprayag above Joshimath


Nandakini river originates from Semudra Glaciers, Homkund in the laps of Trishul peak and flows through the western slopes of Trishul mountains. It joins Alaknanda at Nandprayag.

Rishi Ganga

Originating at Nanda Devi, Rishi Ganga River flows through Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand before entering Chamoli. Rishi Ganga finds its way through two gorges. The first one is over two ridges, Dharanshi and Malathuni, near Lata Village. The second gorge is a precariously rocky terrain. Two glaciers are also located in the river, Nanda Devi North and Nanda Devi South. From these two glaciers in Rishi Ganga River, several snow-melted streams originate which later merge with Dhauliganga at Raini. Rishi Ganga merges with Alaknanda River near Joshimath.

Neel Ganga

River Neel Ganga with its crystal-clear water flows serenely through a valley near the village of Kulling. Trekkers often are seen enjoying some rest before they proceed to destinations in the upper reaches of the hills in this region. The village of Kulling is situated in the Chamoli district of the State of Uttarakhand.

Ram Ganga

Ram Ganga rises from Chorarkhal Dhar in Gairsain block of Chamoli district. Thereafter it flows through Almora, Nainital and Pauri before entering Kalagarh.

Garud Ganga

Garud Ganga, flows at 5 km from Pipalkoti at an elevation of 1372 mtr in the Garud valley. It is believed that the pebbles found in this river when kept at home will ward off poisonous snakes and evil energies. Also, pregnant women will have safe delivery. Nagadosham gets wiped off if one consumes the sacred water of this river. The river runs through Pakhi village, close to the Garuda temple and then unites with the Alaknanda River. Garuda did penance here to atone for sins committed by killing snakes. There is a temple dedicated to Lakshmi-Narayana and a separate temple for Garudazhwar closer to the river banks.

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