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Bhavishya Badri

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Relevance and History

Literally, the Badrinath of the future, the temple of Bhavishya Badri is at Subain, about 17 Kms from Joshimath to the east toward Lata. It is beyond Tapovan, up the Dhauliganga river and involves a track of about 3 Kms. from the motor road. It has an altitude of 2744 mts. and is located within dense forest. The approach along the Dhauli river is stimulating. The name Dhauliganga means (white water) and truly it is roaring torrent almost every where upstream from Tapovan and passes through almost perpendicular cliffs on either side, several 100 mts. high and wild in the extreme. It is believed that on the onset of Kalyug , the ever-withering arm of the Narasingha idol at Joshimath will finally fall off and the mountains of Jay and Vijay at Patmila near Vishnuprayag will collapse making the present shrine of Badrinath inaccessible, resulting in Badrinaths reappearance and consequent worship at Bhavishya Badri. After Vishnu, in his incarnation as Kalki, destroys the world bringing Kalyug to an end satyug will begin again and Badrinath Dham will be reestablish at Bhavishya Badri.

Best Time to Visit

Bhavishya Badri temple is visited by the religious tourists from May to October escaping the monsoon months from late June to September. Monsoon months are dangerous due to the rough route and unpredictable rainfall leading to landslide. During the winter months, extreme cold and snowfall make the Bhavishya Badri temple inaccessible.

How to Reach

By Road

Saldhar is connected to Joshimath, 19 kms away, by motorable road. Bhavishya Badri temple is 6 kms trek from Saldhar.

By Train

Rishikesh railway station is the nearest railhead 251 kms from Joshimath. Taxi or jeeps are available to Joshimath from Rishikesh railway station.

By Air

Jolly Grant airport Dehradun is the nearest airport 268 Kms from Joshimath through Rishikesh. Tourists find taxi or jeep to Joshimath from Jolly Grant airport.

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